Monday, 28 July 2014

Cornish Dreams

Hello again! Last week we all decided to make the most of Hubby's time off and trundled down to Cornwall for a little visit. We were exceptionally lucky with the weather and had some really lovely days out.

We took a stroll around Mevagissey Harbour.
Evening Sky over the Harbour
Little Boats.
Dreamy Cornish Seascape.
We managed to squeeze a visit to The Eden Project in as the girls love it there so much. There were beautiful Dahlias and wild flowers to enjoy as well as some scrummy ice cream! 

So many delights at Eden.
And we visited Big Sparkles favourite beach, Perranporth. This is one thing we truly miss, for as lovely as the New Forest is, you simply cannot beat the beaches in Cornwall.

Fun in the sun.
We filled our bottle with sand ready for a little project coming soon!

Sea Sprite.

All the colours of the day at Perranporth.
We also got to meet up with some very dear friends, some of whom had birthdays approaching. 
I usually try to do individual designs for each person, but as I had limited time and the sentiment was right for both my friends I made this vintage star map birthday card for each of them and picked out their constellations in diamantes. 

It really was fantastic to catch up with friends and family and to relax in some of our favourite places again.
So that was the start to our Summer Holidays, I am sure there will be plenty more fun over the next six weeks whilst Big Sparkle is off from school, so come back again soon!

Amber xxx

Friday, 18 July 2014

Fetes, Fairs, Food and Flashes.

Why hello! I do hope you have been well. I have had a very busy week doing all sorts of things and we have had just the weather for it too! 
We enjoyed the street fair at the nearby town of Hythe, which included an Italian Market.

Italian cheese please!
I thought this nougat cake looked very pretty.
View of the main street with the Italian Market.
Love these old fashioned lamp posts.
And then we went to Eling for the carnival and funfair.

Everyone eagerly awaiting the carnival. What a lovely sense of community!

Lovely old fashioned double decker bus.

And we had some delicious things in our own garden when we got back home. How fantastic do these strawberries look? Big Sparkle enjoyed feeding her little sister some slices of these!


Hubby got to play with his new  toy  very important alfresco cuisine equipment...
Fantastic barbecue steak, Hubby's specialty.

I have been doing a bit of card making in between but I'm afraid I cannot show all of them to you yet.

                                                         Thank you cards for Big Sparkles teachers.

And then on Thursday, we were treated to a fantastic display of lightning which lasted over an hour. I have never seen so much lightning in one go before!

Got it!

Sometime in the following week we will be visiting our beloved Cornwall, so I am sure I will have some lovely snaps to show you next time and I also have some ideas for a memento box frame that I will be sharing with you soon.

Bye for now, Amber xxx

Monday, 14 July 2014

Summer Days

Well what a lovely week it has been! Some beautiful sunny days and gorgeous sunsets too (yes, I am going to show you some pictures!)
And because of all this summery loveliness happening, I really struggled to get any crafting done this week. I have managed to get this done though...

The finished canvas!

Stitching and sequin details to give it that special touch.
I printed one on photo paper as an experiment, so here is what it looks like in a frame.
I'm really pleased with how it turned out and I think its going to look lovely in Little Sparkles blue bird themed bedroom! She has a border with pink, blue and peach birds hence the colours of this canvas.

Beautiful blue skies and pathway to the Moon.

We are so incredibly lucky to have a gorgeous meadow just over the road from us. It's part of the Manor and because of Little Sparkles pushchair we haven't really been able to explore too far yet but what we have seen of it is just lovely. Big Sparkle says it's where the fairies live! I think she might be right...

Sunshine in the meadow.

Exploring in the long grass. We could hear lots of crickets chirping.

Hover flies enjoying the Cow Parsley.

A wander in the Fairy Wood.

And even when it did rain, we were soon after rewarded with a stunning sunset. And the roses were happier for it too.

Sunset Roses

Amazing rain cloud sunset

That's it for this time, I hope you had a lovely week too and I will be back next week with more pictures (and hopefully some more crafty bits too!)

See you soon, Amber xxx

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Welcome to my Blog!

So, this is my first ever post on my first ever blog. How exciting! I suppose I ought to tell you a little bit about myself... We moved to the New Forest just before Christmas 2013. Before that we had always lived in Cornwall so it was a big shock to the system but we are settling in now (and we still get to visit Cornwall as we have all our family and some dear friends there).
 I say we are settling in...we are still a bit like tourists. Hubby and I enjoy photography so we tend to take our cameras everywhere. So when we go out and about and we see ponies and donkeys in the street it's still a novelty to us! Donkeys! Quick, take a picture!!!
I usually have lots of ideas and things I want to make and never enough time, but I will share the things I do get round to making with you. I will probably am going to share any pretty snaps I take in the garden or out and about too. Here is a sneaky peek of something I am working on at the moment for my Little Sparkle.

Sneak peek of some sequin name art 
And I do have some quite lovely things in my garden at the moment including an abundance of raspberries which are proving popular with some other little friends as well as my Sparkles!

We let the Very Hungry Caterpillar finish his lunch by the way!
Some of the lovely flowers in my garden
Evening roses 
How quaint!
I do hope you will pop by again, it was lovely having you!
Amber xxx