Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Patchwork and Pebbles at Lepe (and a baby card too!)

Hello there! If you read last weeks post you know I have been making a couple blankets for a lovely friend who has just had a baby girl. Last week I showed you the smaller pram blanket and how to make the disappearing nine patch squares. This week I made the larger blanket and as it is the first time I have used a 'self binding' technique I thought I would show you how I did it.

After making the patchwork top, I laid it onto the fleece backing with front sides of each fabric facing outwards. Then working from the middle outwards I pinned the fabrics together (the more pins the better!)
Once both fabrics are pinned together it's back to the sewing machine. Always start in the middle and sew towards the edge so that you don't get puckers in the fabric. When you have sewn front the centre to each edge (so you have a cross in the middle) it should be secure enough to sew other lines.
Using a walking foot, I then sewed on top of the existing seams.
Sewing across the plain blocks gives the impression that these are patchwork pieced blocks also.

1) When finished 'quilting' the pieces together, trim the fleece backing so that an inch and a half overhangs the top fabric.
2) Fold the edge of the fleece to meet the edge of the top fabric.
3) Bring the folded fleece over to lie on the top fabric then pin in place (shown pinned vertically but it holds better if the pins are horizontal).
4) The corners are done the same way as a mitred edge but as the fleece is bulky it can look a bit messy until it is folded down and pinned.
5) Fold the edge of the fleece around the corner at 90 degrees (it will look awful, don't worry!)
6) Repeat steps 2 and 3 with the next length of fleece and that silly corner will be folded over inside the edge.
7) Doesn't look so bad now! Pin in place and work your way all around (and yay, no joining any binding!)

 Now just sew a nice zig zag stitch all the way around and voila! One super cute blanket!

After the snow last week we have had some nice warm weather so we headed out to Lepe Beach for some fun.

New Forest Pony enjoying the sunshine.
Pine cones (the warmth was opening some of them).
There were lots of people fishing.

Canada Geese.
 The girls had lots of fun exploring, finding pebbles and splashing.

I will leave you with a picture of the fabric printed card I made for my friend. As well as being personalised with all those special little details, it features lovely vintage images of a baby carriage, baby blocks and a sweet French label from a baby powder bottle.

Have a lovely week!
Love Amber x x x

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A little bit of snow, a little bit of patchwork (plus a 9 patch tutorial).

 Hello lovely reader, we finally got some snow in the New Forest! It's been pretty cold all week so it's about time too.

Winding walkway at Bolderwood.
Little Wren
 It wasn't enough to build a snowman but it was better than nothing and even a little bit of snow is exciting, don't you think?
Yay! Snow!!!

Winter Woodland
Little Sparkles first Snow Day
One of my lovely friends has just had a little girl so I am afraid the quilt from last week has been abandoned for the moment whilst I make up some little patchwork blankets. They aren't quilts, but a patchwork top with a fleece backing. That way baby can use them right away (as quilts are not recommended for under 1 years old) and a smaller size is perfect for car seats and prams.
 I am still making up the larger one so I will share a picture of that one next time.

Making up the 9 patch blocks.
Such cute fabric. I got these as a pack of fat quarters from Fabric Land.

I added this puffy heart shaped ribbon taggy in the corner for a bit of fun and interest.

Here is a little disappearing nine patch tutorial. I made it a while ago, but if you are new to quilting or want to try it, this block is a really good way to get that patchwork effect. It is pretty much my 'go to' block.

So I will leave you with this pretty starry night picture and hope you have fun this week whether it is out in the snow, in your craft room creating or just being snuggled up inside in the warm!

Love Amber x x x