Friday, 18 December 2015

Christmas Time! Frost, Urban Fox Blanket and a few cards.

Hi there, it's been a while since I posted but I am sure you have been busy getting ready for Christmas too!
It was these Sun Dogs that inspired me to get the camera out again a couple weeks ago. I spotted them on the way back from the school run and since we were already out we wandered over to the Manor to look at the frost.

Princess Anna at home in the frost.

There have been a few birthdays this month so I have had some cards to make.

Here is a card I made for a friends new baby. He has a rather lovely name which had to be incorporated into the theme of the card and also his baby blanket...

I had started out with transport fabric before I found out his name so we went with 'Urban Fox'.

Little Sparkles friend had her birthday and the girls had a brilliant time at her party.

Matching kitty dresses!
The Christmas tree is up and looking lovely.

My new gingerbread decoration.

A Christmas Robin.
 I had this little tin with a glass lid lying around so I popped in one of the retro reindeer cake toppers with some snowflakes and sparkly strands, and strung it up with some bakers twine, The girls love it!

And Big Sparkle helped glue some beads onto hanging hearts to make these decorations.

She had a lovely time singing and dancing as an Angel in her school Nativity.

We had a very exciting visit from Father Christmas in the New Forest Fire Engine, playing festive music as they went. The girls were so excited that Father Christmas actually waved to them!

At the Childrens Centre, Little Sparkle had a special visit from Mrs Claus, her grumpy reindeer and a very cute Pomeranian dog. She even got to sit on the sleigh with her friend.

I'm off to wrap some more presents now but wishing you a super sparkly magic Christmas!

Love Amber x x x

Monday, 23 November 2015

Halloween Adventure

I'm a little late getting these pictures together but we had a brilliant time at Halloween. We went down to Cornwall and managed to get to Halloweden as well as a little party with friends and a treasure trail at Granny's house with Auntie Tizzy.

We even got the face paints out and had some spooky nail stickers too.

There was a new spooky corridor at Eden this year with lots of pretty lit up apothecary bottles.

 Last year there was spell making in little glass jars with glitter and herbs but this year the new activity was potion making.

As we walked around there were more places to add new ingredients!

Witches on the Yellow Brick Road.

At Granny's house everything was looking suitably creepy and Auntie Tizzy had made a wonderful treasure trail for the girls to follow.

Making mini portable pumpkins...

Granny really outdid herself making every corner of the house a Halloween heaven.

After finding the bones that a naughty werewolf had spread about, we put Mr Bones back together.

Mixing the spells.

Even Saffy the zombie cat joined in.
I think we will have a hard time beating this next year, we did so many things. Hope your Halloween was as much fun as ours was!

Amber x x x