Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Pocket Letter, Bluebells and Fairy Garden.

Hello! We have been enjoying the sunshine in the garden and I have been making a few crafty things.

 I made these little seed/letter pockets using some Victorian seed catalogue and flower illustrations. I used a blank card to make up the pocket and stuck the edges down with some pretty washi tape,

Before sticking the card down I cute out a window to see the seed packet inside. The top was left open and sides and bottom washi taped together to make a pocket.

The garden is looking pretty now with quite a few flowers we have put in.

We have also created a little fairy garden complete with Fairy hotel. I will show more of the garden next time as it isn't quite finished yet. The Fairy Hotel started as a Country Store - nice but not that pretty...

Alpines and some succulents in our new Fairy Garden.

...So we gave it a make over!

The Sparkles had some fun at Lepe Beach flying a little butterfly mini kite.

I made up this pocket letter for a Happy Mail swap. You can buy the plastic wallets on Amazon, they are for baseball collector cards. I filled mine with tropical themed pretties.

We had a fantastic time at Micheldever Woods to see the Bluebells. It really was a beautiful sight.

 I hope you enjoyed this post and that you managed to see some Bluebells too!

Love Amber x x x

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Spring time Flowers and Beach Flip Book

Hello! It's been a while since Easter but I haven't gotten round to posting until now as we have been out and about and making the garden look pretty. I have playing in the craft room and have had a go at making an endless flip book. More on that in a bit!

A card for a friend. I found some lovely vintage Parisian fashion images and made some little cards up. It doesn't show on this photo but the balloons (which originally were vintage hot air balloons) have gold thread attached for the strings. 

We made it down to Cornwall for an Easter visit.

Granny has been very clever making lovely toys for the Sparkles.

Big Sparkle found my old bridesmaids dress and had lots of fun twirling.

The daffodils (or daffodiles as Little Sparkle calls them) at Eden Project looked amazing as did the tulips.

The view from Charlestown beach.

 And we managed to have a lovely walk and ice cream at Mevagissey in between all the showers.

Think its going to rain!

Back home we had an adventure out to Farley to try and see some 'Easter Bunnies' aka March Hares.
We only saw this one and he scarpered pretty quick so no good photos unfortunately!

I have found a lovely group on Facebook called Happy Mail and joined a couple mail swaps. I had picked up a couple postcards and bits in Cornwall for my swap so I decided to have a go at a beach theme flip book. I found some really lovely vintage book covers and illustrations to use.

I decorated some tags to slip into the pocket. This was a vintage mermaid advert for Caley's Mineral Water.
The third flip had another pocket which had some vintage book cover cut outs for card making.
All together: Beach flip book, postcard, letter, Stick of rock, Cornish shell, Cornish Piskie, and some cute sand castle flags!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you want to have a go at an endless flip book there is a good video here. Have fun!

Love Amber x x x