Monday, 26 January 2015

New Forest Frost

Welcome back! Have you had snow? We haven't which is a bit disappointing, but we did get some heavy frost and managed to get out and see the ponies on the New Forest moorland. But first some snaps of a couple other walks we did.

Testwood Lakes

Splashing in puddles at Testwood Lakes
The Manor meadow across the road.
Evening ponies.
We had a bracing walk at Testwood Lakes and then we fed the ducks (and seagulls) at Blackwood. We were just leaving when some ponies came over for a drink.

We also saw this cute little Robin.

The New Forest seems to have quite a lot of surface water and little ponds here and there. This one had frozen over.


Early morning frosty footpath in the Forest.
A female pheasant out for a wander.
Frozen puddles.
Steamy breath pony.

 I have also managed to do a bit of crafting. I made a little snowball blanket for Little Sparkle before she was born and now I have been given a Flower Fairy panel I am using the rest of the fabric up to make her a quilt to match it.
 So far I have cut my flower fairy fabric into 12 inch blocks and the plain 12 inch blocks were then cut into quarters. These quarters were placed in the corners of the 12 inch blocks and then sewn across the corners diagonally.

Leaving a quarter inch seam allowance I trimmed the corners then the trimmed off triangles were sewn together and pressed open into small patches. All four excess triangle patches for each block were then arranged into pinwheels. The 12 inch block corners were pressed open to make snowball patches.

Hopefully I will have a little more to show you on my next blog post! I hope you enjoyed this post,

love Amber x x x


  1. No snow here either. I am in awe of your amazing photography skills, your pictures are stunning.