Monday, 22 June 2015

All the Fun of the Fair

Hello lovely reader! We had a super fun time last Saturday as it was Eling & Totten Carnival and Funfair.

Everyone waited on the grass and it only dropped a few drops of rain.
Totten in Paradise

Male cheerleaders
Around the World


The atmosphere was great and we all followed the parade down to the fair in the park.

Big Sparkle had a go on some of the fast rides with Daddy...

...and some we just watched!

The girls had fun playing 'Hook a Duck'.

Help me Daddy
Little Sparkle won a snake and Big Sparkle chose a unicorn.

We had a few more rides with our friends.

And then had some food before heading back home from our very enjoyable day.

I hope you had a fun weekend too, see you soon

Amber x x x

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  1. Looks like a great parade, such a wonderful community event. Lots of places these days are not bothering with the traditional carnivals of the past, so its nice it is still continued.