Monday, 21 September 2015

Autumn Arrivals (and some handmade cards).

Autumn is officially here and there is plenty to see out and about the New Forest...and a few things in the garden too! (Apologies for some of the pictures not being in line, Blogger is being naughty today.)

A few nasturtiums survived the caterpillars last year - (see them here).

These pretty pink ones that were from a mixed seed pack...

And my crab apple which I thought was dead when I snapped the top of the tree off. This is the root stock not the graft that was there originally so I am still waiting to see how red they turn.

We put these pretty butterfly buttons to good use on a few extra bracelets for friends.

At Lepe Beach the kite surfers were having lots of fun.

There are all sorts of Autumnal things appearing like horse chestnuts and berries.

At Bolderwood the deer are looking wonderful. There was a huge group of young males all sporting antlers and I hope we get to see them battling later in the year.

Foxgloves (Digitalis).

In a few weeks time all these ferns will be a gorgeous golden display.

Speckled Wood Butterfly.
The girls had lots of fun with some sticks that they found. Big Sparkle declared 'None shall pass!' with hers and Little Sparkle used hers as a broomstick.

There was lots to see on the woodland ground too.

Forest treasures.

I will leave you with pictures of these cards I made, one for a new job and another for a friends birthday.

I hope you are enjoying the change of season where you are.

See you again soon

Amber x x x


  1. You certainly have captured some beautiful photos this week, I love the treasures on the forest floor. The cards you have made are stunning, a real delight you have a great talent.

  2. Beautiful photos, I love this time of year and your photos have really captured the season. Lovely cards, and the bracelets are gorgeous. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

  3. Lovely photos! I used to make bracelets like that. and Oh the deer!