Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Autumn Fun with Pumpkins and Leaves

 Hello! We are really getting into Autumn and getting excited for Halloween now. We visited Sunnyfields Farm on our way home one day, they had lots of great pumpkins as well as some friendly goats, geese and a bouncy castle too. (I took these pictures on my phone as no camera with me).

 I love seeing all these fancy squashes. We picked a few up. I think hubby intended to cook them up but they sort of have been stolen away for something else...more later...

We spent a chilly day at Hythe and the girls burnt off some energy feeding the birds and running up and down the walkway on the waterside. They had so much fun waiting for the gulls to line up on the railings then race at them so they all flew off!

 There were some great autumnal colours at Exbury Gardens...

... we found some treasures too including this sweet little black acorn...

...and this funky acorn which has a knopper gall, caused by the knopper wasp....

 And these super shiny conkers!

 We had a wander in a new place for us, Cadnam. We found this piggy out and about eating acorns.

And had a little play at the White Hart pub before going for a trail through the woods.

We met some lovely ladies out on their horses and they very kindly offered for Big Sparkle to have a sit on Magic.

Then we found lots of lovely leaves so most of the time out was spent throwing these about.

 Today we did a little Halloween picture. Little Sparkle was fascinated by the pictures on her Spooky cookies packet so I cut them out for her to stick down. Later Big Sparkle filled in the gaps with some great Halloween characters.

And the pumpkins and squashes got stolen to use with our collected leaves for an Autumn display!

Hope you have been having lots of fun too, see you soon

Love Amber x x x


  1. Nature at its finest with the glory of outdoor fun, I love stomping in the leaves with the children. Your Autumn display is beautiful.

  2. Stunning photos! Autumn is my favourite season and you have captured everything that's lovely about the season. Cute piggy picture and great shots of the Sparkles enjoying themselves. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

  3. What a beautiful nature is there! What a beautiful colors are there in nature. It looks really amazing!