Sunday, 3 August 2014

Chiffon Chic and the Fairy Circus Tent

 Hello again! It has been wonderfully sunny here and we decided to get ourselves a little gazebo for the garden. It's only a cheap one (less than £20) but its perfectly adequate for teddy bear picnics...

And 'Beauty Parlours'. Big Sparkle finally stopped chewing her nails a while ago when she was told the nail stickers wouldn't fit on them! Now it's the holidays, we decided to try them out. All of them...

But then we thought 'Hey! We can do better than this!'

Chiffon Chic!
It's very delicate like magic fairy material!
So we got a bit creative and in no time at all...ok, maybe it was fifteen minutes or so after the Sparkles had finished racing about the garden with their 'fairy princess capes' and putting the chiffon over their heads...

...we had transformed the boring plain gazebo into a Fairy Circus tent! Huzzah! 

And had loads of fun!

We spent a good three hours playing in here and they absolutely loved it. A simple idea using some chiffon or organza and some string! Oh, and a gazebo! Why don't you try it too?
Have fun and come back again soon!

Amber xxx

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