Thursday, 7 August 2014

Meanwhile In the Garden...

Hi there! So lovely to see you again! I am actually writing this a little in advance because by the time you get to read it I will be in hospital having had what I call a 'Choppy Neck Op'. The technical term is a partial Thyroidectomy but I think my name sounds better. So it will be Sequin Stitches minus the sequins.
Anyway, onto other things... is it silly that I got a bit excited (eggcited, sorry, had to) that Hubby brought home some eggs and they match my kitchen! I know, how good is that? They look really pretty I think.

Old Cotswold Legbar Eggs.
I thought I would show you some of the lovely flowers in the garden. Most of these pink ones were from a 'rake and shake' packet so I am not entirely sure of their names. 
And because last year I put about eight packets of seeds in and got about two plants out for my labours, I must admit I didn't expect much and so chucked the lot in one bed. Of course every single seed germinated and now there is a bit of a mini jungle happening. 
I sort of attempted to thin them out a bit but then I started to get itchy arms and took this as a sign to back off and let nature take its course. You can see a bit of this happening down there on the bottom left. The taller ones are red sunflowers but they aren't open just yet.

Pretty in Pink.

Sadly for me (but not for Hubby as he thinks they are weeds), most of my Nasturtiums died a slow death from lack of watering whilst we were visiting Cornwall.

Sunny Tones

My absolute favourites are my roses. Some didn't flower as well this year after being moved but luckily there were some beautiful ones left here for me by the previous owners, including the orange one and that stunning pink cabbage rose. The striped red and white rose in the middle is called 'Crazy for You' and the top right is called 'A Shropshire Lad'. This one I hope will be back to its former glory next year.
Looking Rosey!
And lastly my succulent collection. I really do love these little guys, probably because they don't hate me if I forget to water them. I really want to get more varieties as they look so good mixed together. I ought to thin out that filler one though. I actually found that variety growing on my dad's pathway and its gone a bit rogue and taken over, the naughty thing! 
By the way, on Pinterest there are lots of ideas for cool and quirky ways to display succulents. 

My succulent collection
I love this pink succulent, it looks so pretty.

Big Sparkle doing her 'little job' of watering the garden.
Fluffy Clouds.
 I will leave you with this lovely blue sky picture and hopefully I will be back on form pretty soon!

Amber xxx

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