Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Easter crafts (Sock bunnies and Easter egg boxes)

 Easter is coming so I thought I would share some Easter crafts that we did last year. We made some cute sock bunnies and decorated egg boxes, here's how...
Outgrown baby socks and frill trims from turnover ankle socks.
First we stuffed a ball of two socks into another and then added one more balled up for the head. If your outer sock has a coloured heel, this will be the bunny's face.
Stuff outer sock with more balled up socks.
Arrange until you have a fatter body shape with head.
If you have trim or lace these can be added as a dress.
Quickly stitch around the top of bunny's head and pull tight.
Add a pom pom for the tail.
Snip down the centre of the remaining sock tube but stop before you reach the stitching!
Tie the 'ears' in a knot.
Add googly eyes. We positioned the eyes on the top line of the heel patch.
Draw a cute nose and smile!
Make a whole load of Easter sock bunnies!

And pop them into a cute Easter basket.
The girls really loved these and have already been asking for them to come out with all the Easter stuff again! Plus it was a good way of using up some of their old socks.

Next we had fun decorating some egg boxes and kept them for putting Easter 'treasure' in afterwards.
If you have pretty colour egg boxes then keep them back for Easter!
Raid the craft room and gather scissors, glue, stickers, glitter and other fun bits.
We printed out some adorable vintage Easter images then cut them out.
Add stickers and glitter...
...Feathers and pom poms...
 We also used up some crafty bits to decorate this hat as an Easter bonnet.

 I hope you have as much fun this Easter as we did! See you soon,
Amber xxx


  1. Such wonderful ideas, I will be trying some of them out when I have little visitors.

  2. Hi Amber your creations are amazing it does look like you had loads of fun. Hugs Jackie

  3. Aww, love the sock bunnies! It does look like you had a whole lot of fun too!
    Dawn xx