Friday, 10 April 2015

Easter Holidays

Hello again, I hope you all had a lovely Easter! We were lucky enough to have a mini break down to Cornwall so we caught up with family and friends and even squeezed in a visit to the Eden Project.
My cherry blossoms have come out and I was really pleased to see them when we got home as I was sure the rain would have bashed them to bits. Luckily they are ok and very pretty indeed.

We made some Easter cards for family, Big Sparkle used stickers and Little Sparkle did the gluing and sticking.

I found these super fun nail stickers as an Easter treat for Big Sparkle.

 And they had lots of sweet treats from the Easter Bunny!

Watching the Fish.
Camelia in Nannys garden.

 Eden was full of lovely bright tulips as well as Easter crafts for the little ones.
Easter bonnets.

Hook an egg.

We had a lovely Easter egg hunt at the girls Aunties house.

Back at Nanny's the girls were fascinated by the fish.

Oh hi!

Spring flowers
 We stopped on our way home at the Swan at Stoford to stretch our legs and enjoy the riverside.

 The next day we decided to visit the Reptile Centre at Lyndhurst. We didn't actually spot any reptiles this time and the camera decided to develop some focus issues but here are a couple snaps from the day. The RSPB were there and they had some things like antlers and skulls and snakeskins for the kids to look at as well as some cameras set up on the bird feeders which was really nice.

Bird watching.
Great Tit.
Siskin birds.
Blue Tit with Siskin flinging itself off the feeder.
So I think we will head back there another day for some more exploring.
Enjoy the rest of your Easter holidays.

Love Amber xxx

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