Tuesday, 14 July 2015

June and early July round up in pictures

Hello again, I'm back after not posting for a week or so. We have had lots of family visiting and things hence my not being on here. I haven't managed to get into my craft room either, but we have had some lovely days out to the beach, Exbury gardens and a Fun day at Applemore. 
Paddling with friends.
People on the spit watching the boats.
Lots of boats at Lepe.

Hello Mr. Crab!
Oyster Catchers in flight.

The girls had a really lovely day out at a free family fun day at Applemore. There were farm animals to pet...

And panning for gold! We traded our gold in for lollipops.

There were bouncy castles.

And group Zumba dancing in the field.

The tea cup ride which daddy enjoyed aswell...

..And many other little games like the coconut shy, hit the tins and Splat the Rat as he appeared through the drain pipe.

The hydrangeas are starting to come out at Exbury and we had a few nice walks and picnic there.

Race you!

We also had a spectacular lightening storm the other day, lots of flashes but not much thunder. A bit like the one we had last year (click here) but no photo this time.

We had a fantastic day out at Blaise Castle meeting up with family at our yearly picnic. It could easily have been a wash out but luckily the sun came out enough to make it enjoyable. We had a barbeque and the children played football, rounders and a few other ball games.

In the garden we have had lots of raspberries and we made a gluten free raspberry cake. Click here for the recipe - it doesn't have to be gluten free.

At Lepe the long grass was looking lovely in the evening light.

We found an Oyster shell and some other treasures.

The weather hasn't been so sunny over the last few days but we didn't let it stop us!
Splish Splish!
Hope you have a lovely weekend, I will see you again soon

Amber x x x


  1. Looks like you've all been having lots of fun.
    Clare x

  2. Wow, you are all always on the go having lots of fun together. It is wonderful to see so much family time. I love the hats, I have just embellished a couple of straw hats for the girls for their holidays. Have a great week.

  3. Fantastic photos, I particularly love the shot of the boats. Creative Blessings, Tracy x