Friday, 7 August 2015

Summer holiday part one (Lavender farm, Newquay, Mevagissey,Menabilly and cards)

Hello again! I hope you have been enjoying your summer holidays as much as we have. We have squeezed in quite a few days out, lots of photos so here goes...

We had a really lovely afternoon at the very pretty New Forest Lavender. There is a gorgeous little tearoom and then the wonderful wild flower garden set beside the lavender field. The gills had lots of fun running around the flowery pathways.

We had some rainy days so opened up our 'Little Sparkles Nail Boutique'.

I have been making a few cards for lovely friends.

This was from a vintage Heinz sauce advert - the lid was 'So easy even a woman can open it!' 

We made our way down to Cornwall to visit family and friends but also to see a few of our favourite places. First we visited Newquay and as the weather was not so great we took the girls to the aquarium.
Looking in the charity shop window.
Everybody's going surfing...

Delicious Cornish Icecream - we have missed this sooooo much! 

Newquay Beach.
Sea Monster!

We had a lovely day out at Mevagissey and even explored the little free museum.
Mevagissey Harbour.
I noticed afterwards that there were fish swimming under the boats.
Some of the treasure from the museum. Big Sparkle wrote 'Cool old fashioned things!' in the guestbook.
The sun came out and we took a stroll down Menabilly hill to the small beach.

Searching in the rockpools
We caught a fish! Without a net too!

We found fish, shrimp and anemones.

And the sea was so nice that Big Sparkle went for a dip.She made some little friends too and even had a ride in their dingy.

We visited so many places that I am going to split them over a few blog posts, but for now I will leave you with a stunning view. The lighthouse you can see is the one at Menabilly.

See you next time,

Amber x x x

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  1. Looks like you are having a great summer break with so many little adventures, such natural beauty that is free and overlooked by so many people. The fudge looked delicious, I now have my greedy head on and am looking for something sweet to eat.