Friday, 7 August 2015

Summer holiday part 2 (Dinosaurs at Eden, Perranporth, Charlestown and Lyme Regis)

Welcome back! I hope you have been having a brilliant summer holiday. We have been out and about and managed to get down for a little break in Cornwall. The Eden Project has been over run with dinosaurs and as Big Sparkle is pretty enthusiastic after having found my old childhood dinosaur magazines, we headed over there.

Dinosaur sightings on the Eden map.
We heard they were walking the dinosaur...He was pretty mean and seemed to be growling and snapping at everyone... But Big Sparkle wasn't scared!

How to be a Dinosaur Whisperer: 1) Find Dinosaur. 2) Attract Dinosaurs attention. Hold your ground. 3) Slowly raise hands and place on Dinosaurs snout. 4) Push Dinosaurs snout down to the ground. This a submissive position and the Dinosaur may allow other children to pet him.
But always be ready to spring back!

We missed the Rainforest Biome this time but we had a lovely time in the Mediterranean Biome. Some pesky things were pinching the grapes... 

The Sunflowers were lovely.

Cooling down their tootsies.

We had the perfect weather on Friday and we headed to Perranporth Beach with our friends for some fun and a catch up.

Getting my legs out...
Perranporth Beach.

Wave Jumping!

We popped down to Charlestown on the hunt for Cornish ice creams. It was a very warm evening and there were lots of people enjoying the harbour, swimming, diving and fishing.

The view from the harbour wall.

We decided to go to Lyme Regis on the way home but we got stuck in the traffic coming out of Cornwall so by the time we got there it was quite late. No fossil hunting today...except in the gift shop.

Cast of a Ichthyosaur discovered locally.

I really love all the pretty bits of architecture and the pastel colours of the beach huts.

Gorgeous buildings. The house on the right has a river running past it.
Lyme Regis beach huts and coast.
How sweet is that bunting? Must make some!
I hope you enjoyed our little jaunt to Cornwall and I hope you get to see some lovely places in your own Summer holidays.

Love from Amber x x x


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all, lovely places to visit making some wonderful memories.

  2. Wow, it really looks like you had a fabulous time and made some really special memories, your photos are fantastic! Creative Blessings, Tracy x