Friday, 18 March 2016

Baby Grow Cupcakes, Blanket and Cards.

Hello again! The weather is starting to get a little nicer and there are some buds appearing on my cherry trees now. We also found some frogspawn in our garden, its in a very small plant box tray so we might have to find something a bit bigger for it to go in!
A friend of mine recently had a beautiful baby girl so I have been making a few things for her.

You will need: Baby grows, bibs, Lolly pops, a cupcake box, Flat bottom coffee filters, scissors and string.

 I thought I had already done a little post on these cupcake baby grows but it seems that these photos didn't get used before so I am showing you them now. These were for another friends baby over a year ago, such a pretty and fun way to give baby clothes. So, here are some I made earlier.

You will need: Baby grows, Bibs or a smaller item like socks, Lolly pops, Flat bottom coffee filters, a cupcake box (look in the baking section at the supermarket) scissors and string.

With the brand of lolly that I used, if you are careful about it you can remove the top layer of the wrapper leaving a clear cellophane wrapper over the lolly. Trim the stick a little shorter.
Take the smaller item of clothing, like shorts, a bib or socks and wrap it around the lolly.
Then take the baby grow. Fold it in half long ways with the sleeves tucked in the wrap this around the middle section of the cupcake. Hold in place with a loom band or string.
Fold your coffee filter like a concertina to achieve a cupcake case effect. Pop in your cupcake and secure the case around it with some string or bakers twine.

Voila! Fill up the cupcake box with Baby grow cupcakes, super cute stuff!

And here are the ones I have just made...

...along with a little blanket..

...and a card!

We had a couple birthdays recently so I made a couple more cards.

And a bit late but here is a little flipbook I had a go at doing for Mothers Day.

I lined some card stock with pretty paper and washi tape. I taped the card into the half so it could be flipped open.

Behind the envelope I put this sweet scrap of fabric holding a heart pin and some little tags.

On the other side I made a little pocket to hold the botanical stickers and the flower basket sewing kit. I also stuck some butterfly buttons in with washi tape.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope its given you some crafty ideas!

See you soon, love Amber x x x


  1. I loved the cupcakes, such a wonderful idea. Inspirational! I have seen the nappy cakes before but not the ones made from a clothing. The blanket was so pretty and I love how you embroidered her name on to it, stunning. Beautiful cards.

  2. Wow fabulous creations Amber. Just gorgeous x