Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Spring is in the air!

 It is feeling like Spring at last! We have been getting out and about and Exbury Gardens has opened again after its winter break.

 There is some frogspawn in our garden, in this small plant pot tray. I think we might have to get something a bit bigger for it to go in!

We have been back to Eyeworth Pond to spot a few more birds.

And to Lepe Beach to build sandcastles and find pretty shells.

Follow the trail!

Little Sparkle enjoyed watering my flowers in the garden.

And at Exbury Gardens there are some Camelias out as well as lots of Daffodils. There are hundreds of buds on the Rhododendrons so we are really looking forward to when they open.

There will be more crafty stuff next time, I can't share it just yet as its is a gift and the recipient is yet to open it!

See you soon, love Amber x x x 


  1. What a lovely post with some amazing photos, the birds particularly were wonderful to see. Spring is fast approaching thank goodness and you have certainly captured the essence of the season. Take care.

  2. So many wonderful photo's Amber, yay Spring had sprung
    Clare xx