Friday, 18 July 2014

Fetes, Fairs, Food and Flashes.

Why hello! I do hope you have been well. I have had a very busy week doing all sorts of things and we have had just the weather for it too! 
We enjoyed the street fair at the nearby town of Hythe, which included an Italian Market.

Italian cheese please!
I thought this nougat cake looked very pretty.
View of the main street with the Italian Market.
Love these old fashioned lamp posts.
And then we went to Eling for the carnival and funfair.

Everyone eagerly awaiting the carnival. What a lovely sense of community!

Lovely old fashioned double decker bus.

And we had some delicious things in our own garden when we got back home. How fantastic do these strawberries look? Big Sparkle enjoyed feeding her little sister some slices of these!


Hubby got to play with his new  toy  very important alfresco cuisine equipment...
Fantastic barbecue steak, Hubby's specialty.

I have been doing a bit of card making in between but I'm afraid I cannot show all of them to you yet.

                                                         Thank you cards for Big Sparkles teachers.

And then on Thursday, we were treated to a fantastic display of lightning which lasted over an hour. I have never seen so much lightning in one go before!

Got it!

Sometime in the following week we will be visiting our beloved Cornwall, so I am sure I will have some lovely snaps to show you next time and I also have some ideas for a memento box frame that I will be sharing with you soon.

Bye for now, Amber xxx


  1. That looks like a very busy week! We didn't have the lightning storms here in Yorkshire - or if we did, I missed them!
    Looks like your hubby soon got the hang of his new cuisine equipment, those steaks look delicious!

  2. Looks like you have a wonderful time, wow those Strawberries look good, enjoy you're trip to Cornwall
    Clare x

  3. Yes Catherine, hubby does like to practice perfecting his steaks! Whenever its sunny he wants to have a BBQ! And Clare, we did have a lovely time and this week away has been even more busy! (More about that later!) X