Saturday, 5 July 2014

Welcome to my Blog!

So, this is my first ever post on my first ever blog. How exciting! I suppose I ought to tell you a little bit about myself... We moved to the New Forest just before Christmas 2013. Before that we had always lived in Cornwall so it was a big shock to the system but we are settling in now (and we still get to visit Cornwall as we have all our family and some dear friends there).
 I say we are settling in...we are still a bit like tourists. Hubby and I enjoy photography so we tend to take our cameras everywhere. So when we go out and about and we see ponies and donkeys in the street it's still a novelty to us! Donkeys! Quick, take a picture!!!
I usually have lots of ideas and things I want to make and never enough time, but I will share the things I do get round to making with you. I will probably am going to share any pretty snaps I take in the garden or out and about too. Here is a sneaky peek of something I am working on at the moment for my Little Sparkle.

Sneak peek of some sequin name art 
And I do have some quite lovely things in my garden at the moment including an abundance of raspberries which are proving popular with some other little friends as well as my Sparkles!

We let the Very Hungry Caterpillar finish his lunch by the way!
Some of the lovely flowers in my garden
Evening roses 
How quaint!
I do hope you will pop by again, it was lovely having you!
Amber xxx


  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished sequin art, wishing you lots of luck with the blog
    Clare xx

    1. Thank you Clare :) (Pssst, if you haven't already been over, check out Its a lovely place full of crochet and other sweet things! In fact Clare gave me the idea for the garden mosiacs, go take a peek!)