Monday, 14 July 2014

Summer Days

Well what a lovely week it has been! Some beautiful sunny days and gorgeous sunsets too (yes, I am going to show you some pictures!)
And because of all this summery loveliness happening, I really struggled to get any crafting done this week. I have managed to get this done though...

The finished canvas!

Stitching and sequin details to give it that special touch.
I printed one on photo paper as an experiment, so here is what it looks like in a frame.
I'm really pleased with how it turned out and I think its going to look lovely in Little Sparkles blue bird themed bedroom! She has a border with pink, blue and peach birds hence the colours of this canvas.

Beautiful blue skies and pathway to the Moon.

We are so incredibly lucky to have a gorgeous meadow just over the road from us. It's part of the Manor and because of Little Sparkles pushchair we haven't really been able to explore too far yet but what we have seen of it is just lovely. Big Sparkle says it's where the fairies live! I think she might be right...

Sunshine in the meadow.

Exploring in the long grass. We could hear lots of crickets chirping.

Hover flies enjoying the Cow Parsley.

A wander in the Fairy Wood.

And even when it did rain, we were soon after rewarded with a stunning sunset. And the roses were happier for it too.

Sunset Roses

Amazing rain cloud sunset

That's it for this time, I hope you had a lovely week too and I will be back next week with more pictures (and hopefully some more crafty bits too!)

See you soon, Amber xxx

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  1. Lovely photo's, the canvas is gorgeous and the faerie wood looks truly magical
    Clare xx