Saturday, 11 October 2014

Lovely Leaf Table Decoration

Hello again! I do hope you have been well. We have managed to enjoy a little more of the sunshine at the beginning of the week, which is just as well because today it has been lashing down and blowing a gale out there. The sunflowers have just about had it! But I took some photo's whilst they were still looking good. 

Garden Orb Spider
Pansies and other pretties from the garden.
Sunflowers and Sunshine Shades.
Pink and purple posies.
 I also found this funky looking fellow on my rose bush. It's a Vapourer Moth Caterpillar.
Rusty Tussock or Vapourer Moth Caterpillar.

Through the woodland 
We went for another wander in the forest at the weekend, this time at Anderwood. I didn't think we would find anything different from our last walk, but we did! Again, please do not use my amateur identifications of funghi because it is just as likely that I am wrong. I am not eating these, neither should you unless you know what you are doing!
Possibly a Purple Brittlegill
 This pretty purple one was Big Sparkles favourite find on our walk. Here are a few more finds... The first bluey one on the left might be an Aniseed Toadstool (Clitocybe odora). Below that is Yellow Stag Horn. Middle top is an Common  Puffball Funghi. Then below that the brown one is a Velvet Top or Phaeolus schweinitzii. Dyer's use  these to extract a yellowy brown pigment for dying wood and material. And I think the black ones might be Witches Butter, which I think is a pretty fun name!
More interesting things! 
Anyway, we seemed to be acquiring undergrowth and leaves at an alarming rate so by the time we had finished our walk, Big Sparkle had collected enough of the forest to make an Autumny display.

We already had some dried bits and bobs from pot pourri packs (we got these for a few pounds at the supermarket, even the cheapy ones have nice dried gourds and interesting things in) so we added some of that in too. I also used my cloche to feature some nicer bits to 'showcase'.

I have been working on some lovely Halloween crafts and some cards this week too but you will have to wait until next week to is a sneaky peek though!

Making bunting...
The best way to choose sequins is to pour them out everywhere!
Sequin stitching!
Autumn rainbow.
I hope you have enjoyed this entry and maybe you will be inspired to make your own autumn centrepiece! See you soon,

Amber x x x


  1. Oh what a beautiful caterpillar , love the collection of photos...I off to collect some rose hips and late flowers for myself feeling inspired :)