Saturday, 25 October 2014

Walk at Bolderwood and a Birthday Card

 Hello again! It's certainly been getting chillier this week (and windy too!)
I thought I would share this fabric printed card I made for a friend. I loved the ladies having a tea party and the vintage jelly image I found was so fun, I had to use it.

Jelly, cake and tea, perfect for a party.
Christmas Cactus
My Christmas Cactus has burst into colour (which having been mostly ignored since last year, I am surprised by).
A pony we saw on the way to Bolderwood. The birds you see flying off to the left were all perched on the pony's back in a line but flew off when we approached.

The view from Bolderwood deer feeding platform - no deer but very pretty.
Last weekend we decided to go to the deer feeding platform at Bolderwood. The deer are fed until September by the park keeper but we thought we would go and have a look anyway. No deer though so we went for a little stroll.  

Funky fungi, I think a Cauliflower Fungus.
 As we rounded the corner we could hear a bit of commotion from other walkers and then we were greeted by a pink piggy who bounded off to join his friends. Being new to the Forest we found this sight both amusing and just a tad unsettling as these hogs were not shy at all. But they were well behaved and carried on their job of foraging for acorns which are poisonous to the ponies and cattle.
New Forest Pigs
Kissing Piggies
This hog had actually come hurtling along and spun off into this puddle. He only looks slightly embarrassed.
Autumn sunshine

 As we continued our walk we came upon a 'short cut'. Cue the family hopping and leaping and (with much verbal direction from all) maneuvering the pushchair through some rather marshy ground.

And just as we had gotten back out of the marsh, this beauty popped through the trees.
Golden brown.
Through the Bracken

Little Sparkle woke up and so both the girls had a wander and an explore.
Then through a gateway we spotted the deer herd. They were quite far away but the Stag was rather noisy and kept bossing all his ladies about, although they mostly seemed to take no notice.

 And it turned out that our 'short cut' had lead onto a path that was quite a bit longer than we had anticipated, so by the time we found the car again, the sun was going down.

Sunset at Bolderwood.
But it was a really lovely walk with lots to see. I'm looking forward to exploring more here.
I hope enjoyed our walk and hope you have a fantastic week!

Amber xxx


  1. Love the card and the kissing pigs

  2. I really did enjoy the stroll along with you, the deer were a delight. Love the card.

  3. OH what sme beautiful fall pictures !!! I love all of them and with animals too !! great !! Have a creative day !

  4. Hi Amber - I just love the card you made. Who wouldn't appreciate receiving that.
    It looks like you all enjoyed your stroll through the park - what incredible wildlife scenery you happened upon - just beautiful!

  5. Thanks for all your lovely comments :) xxx