Saturday, 18 October 2014

Wickedly Vintage Bunting and Super Sunset.

Hello again my lovely reader! I hope you have had a good week. Last time I teased you a bit with some sneak peaks of the bits I had been working on and now I have checked with their new owner, I can show you them properly...
I had fun making this fabric printed keepsake card. The girl looking in the pond is from a Victorian trading card for fine shoes.
I had so many cute pictures to use, the Victorians liked to send Halloween cards.

Bunting and our pumpkins ready and waiting!
All packaged up ready for its new home!
We also had a nice stroll across the Forest near Lymington and had some fun when we found a pond.

And we caught a truly wonderful sun set at Lepe Beach and Country Park. 

I hope you enjoyed my pictures, now I'm off to design some Christmas cards and bunting so watch this space (and my facebook page of course!)

Amber xxx

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  1. The bunting was beautiful, a real delight I loved the Victorian images. You live in a beautiful area with such stunning views. Thank you for stopping by.