Sunday, 17 May 2015

Day at the Donkey Derby

 Hello again! It's starting to feel a bit more summery now. The flowers are opening in the garden and this weekend we enjoyed a family day out at the Donkey Derby in Totton.
Strawberries are coming.
Hover fly on strawberry flowers.
 My rhododendron has come out too, and is looking very colourful.

Bees enjoying the Lily of the Valley flowers.


Little Sparkle has been helping me water the garden.

 Big Sparkle has made herself another pretty headband (find the whole story and tutorial here.)

Sparkly golden stars!
Pretty oriental blossoms in spring time pastel colours.
Happy starry Sparkle.
The weather was brilliant for the Donkey Derby and had a lovely atmosphere.

Waiting for the race to start.
The winning ticket!
On your marks...
Get set....
Uh oh!
There were a few thrills and spills along the way.

We had a few goes on the bouncy castles and slides before visiting the donkeys.
Lollipops make it better when the bouncy castle time has finished.

Rollie pollies!
 Later it was still a gorgeous sunny evening so we went to the park then had a little wander.

Calshot Beach.

I hope you had a lovely fun filled weekend too! See you again soon,

Amber x x x

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  1. I had a lovely weekend with family. You certainly captured the beauty of the coming season in your photos. My strawberries have flowered but not produced fruit yet. Your 2 beautiful daughters certainly looked to be having fun.