Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Oh Deer! What have you done to your hair?! (Deer at Bolderwood, an impromptu childs haircut and headband tutorial)

 Well what a weekend we had! We visited Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary and because they are fed for a few months during the summer, they were much closer than the last time we saw them (have a look at them here during the rut). And the Sparkles tried to burn off some energy climbing about...

Climbing about.
Deer relaxing at Bolderwood.

But obviously Big Sparkle didn't get rid of quite enough. After a brief period of blessed quiet which we stupidly relished, she reappeared sans half her fringe.
Hubby asked me if I could 'even it up'. No dear, no I can't.
 I took a moments for the obligatory Mummy freak out and asked Google what I was to do. Google said 'Ha ha, my kid did that too! Yeah, nothing you can do about that.' Cheers Google. So then I asked Pinterest, and she said 'Never mind, I have a whole load of cute headbands and stuff, come and see!' More like it! I love you Pinterest. Here is the link for the template I used.

 I had some scraps cut from last years school dress and some fabric which matches her school jumper.
Pin template to folded fabric (the fatter end of the template at the folded edge).
Cut out and repeat with complimentary fabric.
Pin these together right sides together and stretch out your elastic so you get an idea of how long to cut the fabric for the covering sleeve. The headpiece measured a little under 30cm and unstretched the elastic measured about 25cm. Streched it measured about 35cm so thats how long I made the sleeve to cover. 
Headpiece, sleeve and elastic - I used thinner elastic than this.
The worst bit of making this headband was turning the silly tube sleeve the right way out. But I found it a bit easier with my pretty tweezers. The prettier the tweezers, the more helpful they are.

 Then add a safety pin to the end of the elastic and thread it through the tube. If you pin the end you wont go threading it too far through the tube. I know this.

Covered elastic.
 Then sew it with a quarter inch seam allowance making sure to leave a gap so you can turn it right side out again. Push the end of the elastic in and close the last bit of sewing by hand before machine sewing a top stitch all the way around the headpiece.

 Voila! A cute reversible chopped off hair to the scalp cover headband, perfect for accessorizing and holding a pesky fringe out of your eyes too.
Hurrah! Much better!

And Big Sparkle even asked if she could have a go at making another one herself so watch this space.
I hope you enjoyed this blog entry. I hope your child hasn't chopped off her hair though.

Love Amber x x x


  1. Oh dear, but the head bands really cute, well done Mum
    Clare x

  2. Brought back some memories, my youngest who is now 28 did the very same thing years ago and cut off her sisters also playing hairdressers. Beautiful head band, I am in the process of making some hair bobbles in preparation for a trip to Disney later in the year for my Grandaughters.