Sunday, 24 May 2015

May Time Nature

 Hello again! I hope you are well. This week we have been out and about to our favourite local beauty spots. We finally managed to get back over to the Manor pond and see how the ducklings were getting on. 
Through the long grass
Down the hill
Up again!

Where are you duckys'?
 We seem to have left it a little long in between as these ducklings are more like teenager ducks now! Still, we enjoyed watching them zooming about and diving under the water.

View across the pond.
Wild Rhodedendron.
Sunset canopy.

Bluebell path.
 On Saturday we visited Lepe Beach and found these gorgeous yellow Iris flowers, or Flags.

 Little Sparkle enjoyed walking through them. And sitting in them...

 We enjoyed the water views, the ponies across in the nature reserve and the sunshine through the clouds.

 I have been working on a little something in my craft room, but as it's a present I can't show you just yet. Hopefully next week it will be with its new owner and I will be able to share it with you!

See you soon,

Amber x x x

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  1. Amber I am always in awe of your beautiful photos, you are such a talented photographer.